The Underground Secret to Electrifying Email Copy is Out, But Not For Long…

"The Future is NOW. Unleash the Power of Legendary Copy Pro's in Every Email You Send."

Alright, let’s cut to the chase.

Ever dreamt of slipping into the mind of a copywriting genius? Maybe someone as sharp and sizzling as the 'Engage Master' (Sold over 20 Million Dollars online with his emails)...  Or perhaps you’ve marvelled at the mesmerizing emails that weave tales so gripping that you can’t resist but click through?

I've got a little secret for you...

Those copywriting gods you admire, their styles, their essence and their craft... we've tapped into their genius, distilled it, and bottled it up in a tool so powerful, it's almost dangerous.


But we've got clues…

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Reg Price: N/A | Single One Time Payment $999 | [PLUS+ Additional Payment Options Available]


1.  Code Name:  "Engage Master"

The mastermind who revolutionized email persuasion, catapulting humble email campaigns into blockbuster launches.


2.  Code Name: "Story Sage"

A direct-mail prodigy whose magnetic letters have raked in billions, turning traditional advertising on its head.


3.  Code Name:  "Casual Ace"

The email renegade with a unique flair for daily emails, making every morning an eagerly awaited event for readers worldwide.


4.  Code Name:  "Arc Architect"

Creator of the legendary autoresponder sequences that redefine the essence of email storytelling and conversions.


5.  Code Name:  "Craft Commander"

Renowned for his in-depth dissections and optimizations, turning every line into a click magnet.


6.  Code Name:  "Quirk King"

With a unique blend of humour and directness, this genius crafts emails that don't just sell, but entertain.


7.  Code Name:  "Persuade Pro"

Celebrated for a career spanning decades, he's touched every corner of direct response, leaving a trail of unbeatable records.


8.  Code Name:  "Wealth Wizard"

With a knack for personal finance and psychology, this star writer fuses emotions with actions in every email crafted.


9.  Code Name:  "Direct Dynasty"

A direct response titan, revered for his timeless wisdom and unparalleled track record in direct mail and beyond.


10.  Code Name:  "Data Diva"

A conversion optimization guru, intertwining design sensibilities with copy to create emails that are visual treats.


11.  Code Name:  "SaaS Star"

The  email retention specialist, ensuring every subscriber stays hooked, engaged, and eager for more.


12.  Code Name:  "Wit Warrior"

A conversion copywriting queen, her emails don't just speak, they converse, turning readers into raving fans.


13.  Code Name:  "Trend Titan"

A name synonymous with flair and drama, turning emails into cinematic experiences that readers binge on.


14.  Code Name:  "Rapid Ruler"

Digital marketing mogul with a specialty in data-driven emails, ensuring every line, every CTA is optimized to its max potential.


15.  Code Name:  "Precision Pioneer"

A wizard in lead generation and nurturing, ensuring every lead is a journey from cold to sizzling hot.


16  Code Name:  "Dynamic Dynamo"

An ace in direct response, his emails are crafted masterpieces that ooze luxury and exclusivity.

Conversion Catalyst

17  Code Name:  "Conversion Catalyst"

An alchemist of email, transforming words into actions with unrivalled storytelling finesse and persuasive power.

Content Captain

18  Code Name:  "Content Captain"

A navigator of digital narratives, masterfully steering email content to enlighten, engage, and convert with every send.

Trigger Trailblazer

19  Code Name:  "Trigger Trailblazer"

The architect of psychological intrigue in emails, weaving compelling copy to captivate and convert with emotional precision.

Viral Virtuosos

20  Code Name:  "Viral Virtuosos"

Creators of infectious email content, blending relatable storytelling with viral appeal, sparking conversations and clicks.

Introducing EAIX01 - The Future of Effective Email Content Creation!

(For a select few)

You know how every marketer’s inbox is flooding with the “next best thing” that promises the moon but delivers dust?

EAIX01 isn't just another tool in the shed…

It's the nuclear reactor powering the spaceship.

Here's the deets:

🎩Dive Deep into Legendary Styles: Harness the power of copywriting maestros. It's like having them ghostwrite your emails, minus the exorbitant price tag.

 🎭 Mastery at Your Fingertips: Choose from six email blueprints designed to seduce, allure, and convert. Imagine being the puppet master pulling strings to make your audience dance to your tunes.

🎤Emails that Don't Just Talk, They Sing: With every email, you're not just communicating; you're performing a symphony. An opus that's bound to get standing ovations, or in our world, crazy conversions.

🤖Amplify with AI: No more shooting in the dark. With seamless AI integration, your emails are optimized to perfection. It's not just smart; it's genius.

💎Exclusive, Rare, and Limited: This isn't for everyone. Hell, we don't WANT it to be for everyone. Only 100 50 people will get their hands on this at this software at this exclusive opening price point. The question is, will you be one of them?

Pixel Hopper

Pixel Hopper
Host - AI Sessions Podcast

"...it's a game-changer"

"This isn't just another tool in the toolbox—it's a game-changer. What used to feel like a marathon of email copy crafting and fine-tuning is now a breezy, joyful sprint. And it works - open rates, clicks and engagement have all skyrocketed. For any marketer dreaming big in the digital world, EAIX01 is more than just a smart choice; it's a secret weapon for standout success!"

Here’s Where It Gets Crazy…

This isn’t just about amping up your email game. This is about owning the stage. It's about being the showstopper in a world cluttered with background noise.

With EAIX01, you aren't just ahead of the curve; you're defining it.

Our 'Email-Psyche' Templates:

Engaging Blueprint

Benefits: Transforms bland emails into gripping narratives.

Use Cases: Product launches, lead nurturing, high engagement campaigns.

Quick Connect

Benefits: Establishes instant rapport with readers, hooking them in seconds.

Use Cases: Welcome sequences, flash sales, re-engagement campaigns.

Deep Dive

Benefits: Delves into intricate details, providing value while maintaining engagement.

Use Cases: Educational series, in-depth product showcases, knowledge campaigns.

Tease & Reveal

Benefits: Ignites curiosity, promising (and delivering) value in a cliff-hanger style.

Use Cases: Pre-launch campaigns, mystery offers, teaser campaigns.

Value Spotlight

Benefits: Highlights the USPs, making offers irresistible.

Use Cases: Sales campaigns, product features, unique offers.


Benefits: Engages readers in a two-way dialogue, making emails personal and relatable.

Use Cases: Feedback campaigns, survey invitations, community building.

These powerful email structure templates have been developed using Simon Hodgkinson's Neuro Marketing trained AI system for optimum engagement:

Neuro marketing, at its core, delves into the intricate workings of the human mind, unlocking secrets that have for long remained just beyond the marketer's grasp. When coupled with the computational prowess of Artificial Intelligence, this field promises unprecedented insights into consumer behaviour.  

The power to predict, influence, and even direct choices lies within the strategies meticulously woven into these email structures. Imagine crafting campaigns that don't just resonate but echo in the minds of your audience long after their screens go dark.  NOW YOU CAN!

The Unrivalled Power of: 120 Levels Of Email Mastery!

Dive into an unparalleled vault of email expertise:  20 meticulously cloned copywriting legends complimented by 6 email template structures fine-tuned and developed using our Neuro Marketing trained AI for optimum email promotion results...  and expertly assembled by AI developers and coding geniuses (with 20+ years commercial software dev experience).

The result? A staggering 120 unique email rewrite combinations, ensuring your campaigns are fresh, resonant, and conversion-ready every single time. Say goodbye to redundancy and hello to a world where every email is a masterpiece, tailored to perfection.  100% Bangers!

Picture this: Every email you fire out from today becomes infused with the genius of the world’s best email copywriting maestros. You have the Midas touch where every email turns to conversion gold.

And when the world wonders how you do it, you’ll just wink and move on, because some secrets are too good to share.

The Real Catch?

This top-secret weapon is priced at $999. And if that made you mentally go ‘Ouch!’ then this probably isn’t for you. Because the reality is for the right marketer it’s a freakin steal, considering it's the culmination of the world’s best copywriting minds.

But here's the clincher: Only 100 50 copies will ever be sold at this low intro price. Now, if for a second that price point gave you pause, you really shouldn’t invest today (this is not for you)

No gimmicks, no come-back-later promise. Once they're gone, they're gone and the price will almost certainly 2X what it is right now.

Still thinking? Imagine for a moment that you had a chance to apprentice under 20 of the world's most renowned email and direct response copywriting maestros. Picture the value of their combined centuries of experience, their proven techniques, their untold secrets, all channelled into every email you send.

Now, consider the price tag for even an hour of one-on-one time with just one of these legends. A single 'golden nugget' from them could set you back thousands, and rightly so. 

Their Expertise Has Generated Billions In Revenue, Shaped Industries, And Transformed Businesses From Fledgling Start-ups To Global Empires.

EAIX01 is not just a tool; it's a treasure trove.

With 120 distinctive email combos, you're not just accessing a software; you're unlocking the combined power of the greatest minds in copywriting!

Spread that $999 over each unique combination, and you're looking at just over $8 for a crafted email that embodies the essence of these legends. A measly eight bucks to skyrocket your conversions, captivate your audience, and DOMINATE your market.

Our ‘no shit’ guarantee and it’s not the money back kind:

Only 100 copies of this version [EAIX01] will ever be released. This exclusivity ensures that this power remains in the hands of the elite few, making sure your emails stand head and shoulders above the rest.

You’re about to rise to the top of the pile, king of the heap...  A#1 – If you use this you will crush it! Guaranteed.  

In the grand scheme of things, $999 isn't a price; it's a token, a pledge to your business's future, an investment that promises not just returns, but a legacy.  So, the question isn't whether you can afford to invest in EAIX01; it's whether you can afford not to.  

So, what's it going to be?

Want to stay ahead or get left behind wondering "what if"?

Reg Price: N/A | Single One Time Payment $999 | [PLUS+ Additional Payment Options Available]

You know those opportunities in life you look back on and think, "Man, I wish I'd jumped on that!"

This is one of them. When EAIX01 is gone, it's gone. No re-runs. No second chances. Dive into the future right now or be content with the past.

The clock's ticking...

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